Fresh Start : The Ultimate Kitchen Detox Guide to Clear Out Your Fridge and Freezer

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

In addition to what we have been discussed in Nutrition and Cancer, there are certain type of foods that need to be avoid. Here are the list of foods that we suggest you to remove from your fridge and freezer :

Soda and Sugary Drinks

This includes fruit juices, vitamin waters, alcoholic beverages and mixers, soda, diet soda, and more. Sugar consumption may leads to diabetes and fuels cancer cells. So, be more cautious on these type of food.

Non-Organic/Non-Grass-Fed Meat and Dairy Products

All animal products should be clean. It means they should be organic and grass-fed, wild-caught, pasture-raised, free of hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, etc. Clean out processed meats such as bacon or sausages that are made with artificial nitrates.

Processed Foods

This refer to ready-made biscuits, bagels, pizzas, dinners, bread, or anything that is in a ready-made package that contains more than 5 (five) ingredients. Foods that contain gluten, soy, corn, MSG, sugar, or preservatives have to go. Don’t forget to read label of food before purchasing.

Processed Dairy and Eggs

Dairy products that are not organic can contain rBGH which linked to cancer. Eggs that are not organic and pasture-raised contain higher amounts of omega-6 fatty acids (the inflammatory fats). Remove artificial eggs and all butter substitutes.

Non-organic Produce Items

Fruits and vegetables, especially those from the “dirty dozen” list, should always be organic.

Disclaimer : The information provided by Meivy Ratana is intended for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure a disease or health issue. Meivy Ratana is not a doctor and the information provided should not be considered medical advice. Please speak with a medical physician to be diagnosed with a health issue.

Get To Know Your Innate Wisdom

It is an instinct to guide us toward food and habit that help us to survive and thrive. For example, we can feel thirsty when our body needs hydration system. Besides, when we are sick, we don’t feel like eating because our body need to conserve the energy that support the recovery process (not too digest any foods).

Unfortunately, human gets disconnected from their food and environment due to modern evolution diet. This makes human insensitive to innate wisdom, thus lead to chronic healthy symptoms, such as mental and emotional health, hormonal imbalance, auto-immune, allergic symptoms, systemic inflammation, and also cardiovascular disorder.

Several things that can confuse our innate wisdom are :


It is found in preservatives, colourant, and synthetic food ingredients. In reality, modern foods may increase hunger level, craving feeling, and turn off normal hormonal cues.

Processed Food

Poor-nutrient content and high in calories food may increase appetite as the body continue to search sufficient nutrients.

Nutrient-Loss in Soils

It may happen due to modern farming procedure. This will result in less nutrient content even from most whole foods.

Access to Real Food

We got to admit that access to real food is not available in all places. This leads people to consume refined and packaged food for survival.

Imbalances in the gut Microbiome

It causes craving for food desired by the microbial populations rather than their host.

But, the good news is : it is possible to reconnect to our innate wisdom and finding the diet that is just right to our bio-individual needs. This will bring back balance to the body system and reducing symptoms shown in the body.

Here are some signs that you meals match the “just right” needs to your body :

  • Feel satisfied but not overstuffed
  • Balance energy that last until your next meals (it is 4-5 hours after your last meal)
  • No craving for sweet or salty foods after meals
  • Mentally and emotionally balanced
  • No digestive discomfort, such as bloating, burping, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, and cramps) during and following the meal.

By getting back to the nutrient-dense, whole-food diet, we can reclaim back our healthy body and balance back the systems in our body. Signs and symptoms in our body can be a valuable hint to our needs. Listen carefully to our body, message and tune-back to its balance as what our body is created to be.

We can help you to interpret your symptoms and working on together on the journey of claiming back the best of your health.

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Disclaimer : The information provided by Meivy Ratana is intended for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure a disease or health issue. Meivy Ratana is not a doctor and the information provided should not be considered medical advice. Please speak with a medical physician to be diagnosed with a health issue.

What to know about your digestive system?

Digestive system is the starting point to build a healthy body. It provides the nutrients needed for structure and function of every cells of the body.”

A famous quote said ‘You are what you eat’, but in fact, it explains a deeper meaning of ‘you are what you absorb from your food through your digestive system’. Often, people is eating the right food but the body cannot absorb the nutrients as what it should be. As a result, the cell is not getting enough nutrients for maintaining its function and structure. Eventually, this will have a cascading effect to the whole system of the body, such as blood sugar regulation, fatty acids, mineral balance and hydration. For example, people who drink ideal amount of water daily may not absorb sufficient amount of water in the body, resulting in dehydration.

It Starts in the Brain

When focusing on the digestion process, we must look at the north to south process; it always begins in the brains & nervous system, and continues to mouth & esophagus, stomach, liver & gallbladder, pancreas, small intestines and large intestines.

The first digestion process starts in the brain, and not in the mouth. When our brain notice any food that are about to come to our mouth, it instructed the related organs to produce enzymes, hormones and other chemical to digest and absorb the nutrient. Without sufficient production of enzyme and hormones, dysfunctional digestive system can occur.

For example, our saliva will start to build up when we smells our delicious favourite food. We feel more appetite just by looking at our favourite food. It is one of the sign that the brain is instructing related organ to get ready for the incoming delicious food. With the enzyme and hormones, the food is broken down and processed in our digestive system. The right nutrient is absorbed, the waste is excreted from the body. All this can be done if our body is at the relaxed state (parasymphatetic state).

One of the key for healthy digestion is parasymphatetic state, or ‘relaxed state’. In this state, the body is functioning optimally for our digestive system.

Tips for healty eating habits:

  1. Take a breath and say gratitude for your delicious meal
  2. Sit down and relax while eating
  3. Drink warm water before meals
  4. Enjoy the taste and texture of your food by eating slowly
  5. Chew your food 20-30 times in the mouth

The balance intake of macronutrients and micronutrients also plays important roles by providing fuels for the related cells and organs to function optimally, supported by the balanced microbiome.

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