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A Story Behind Chayah Wellness :
Introducing Meivy Ratana, NTP

Hi, my name is Meivy Ratana.

I help clients who are living with unexplained health conditions, such as prolonged fatigue, low energy, digestive issue, etc. I also offer support to people who wants to start their journey for healthy diet and lifestyle.

My approach is holistic in nature, to address and support the whole body rather than view it as the sum of its parts. Through several tools, I work closely with clients through diets, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet, rich in whole foods are the priorities of my approach to restore, to regenerate and to reclaim back your health.

Since my childhood, I always have problems with my digestive system. Constipation, bloating and stomach cramps have been my daily struggles. Having my bowel movement will be my victorious moment every day. I have been to many medical doctors, specialist, gone through many diagnosis, but all comes to the clinical conclusions of unexplained digestive issues.

As time went by, it led to another problem of weight gain, metabolism syndromes and hormonal imbalances. Even before all problems are solved, I was diagnosed with several auto-immune conditions. It caused me to feel fatigue, brain fog, experience swelling on the face and skin rashes, and many other symptoms that restricted my daily activities.

My visit to the doctors would always end with steroids, antibiotics and various medication.I felt tired and frustrated having to rely on medications all the time, without any improvement on my health conditions.

I believe there must be a way to claim back my health. I believe there must be a solution for my conditions. I wanted to feel fresh, energetic, having sharp mind and get free from all the prolonged medications. I started to pursue training with NTA (Nutritional Therapy Association). Throughout the course, I learned about the foundation of health. It makes me realise that all of my health conditions are the cascading effect of dysfunction digestive system. I found the root cause of my problems! It was the AHA moments that changed my diets, habit and lifestyle. I am reclaiming back my life to the fullest. I am on my way and I am progressing well.

As I am on my way to claim back my life, I am passionate to walk together with people who have struggles in their health, too. I understand the pain and the frustration living with unexplained health issues. I would love to share knowledge, to support and to assist in finding out the root cause of your health problems.

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Disclaimer : The information provided by Meivy Ratana is intended for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure a disease or health issue. Meivy Ratana is not a doctor and the information provided should not be considered medical advice. Please speak with a medical physician to be diagnosed with a health issue.
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